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Tekkers clothing is made across central and north America using premium, responsibly sourced materials. All items are made to order which means delivery times to Australia or the UK are usually 3-4 weeks (1 week for US customers). It's human nature to want something straight away after ordering so we appreciate this model isn't ideal but hopefully people understand this enables us to offer such a vast array of designs and colours (there are nearly 500 design, size and colour combinations available so the chances of your mate Dave pulling out the same shirt are pretty slim) without having to fund a global warehouse solution we don't have the budget for. We're hoping you see the value of being able to wear something different from the same tired designs 10 other people at your local break have and want to support an up and coming lifestyle brand run by people you probably share a wave with every single day.

We're not trying to be something we're not, we're not trying to make you believe we're something we're not and we'd love to think our collective respect us for this and want to be a part of what we are.