Why would I want Tekkers on my t-shirt?

We were recently at a beachside event and not long after setting up a girl fresh from the waves was stood, still holding her board, looking through our stuff and very bluntly asked "Why would I want to walk around with Tekkers on my t-shirt?". Fair question right? Not only a fair question but a f#?king awesome question! 

It really hit us that people these days really care about the brands they showcase. It says a lot about who they are, what they stand for and what they enjoy doing. The days of rocking up to mufti day and every kid in the class pulling out the same tired, overpriced brand are long gone and we love it. 

We've always been very transparent about what drives Tekkers. The brutally honest truth is a desire, by a group of everyday guys to live a lifestyle. A lifestyle free of stress. A lifestyle free of a boss you hate, a corporation that no matter how much of yourself you give it will just want more. A lifestyle that doesn't involve constantly letting down those people that mean the most to you. A lifestyle that most importantly allows time to enjoy your genuine passions in life... you know, those things that when you are doing them you are literally not thinking about anything else. Those things that make you tick. These are the moments we call Tekker time. 

The best thing about it for us is that whilst trying to carve this lifestyle we get to share it and by sharing it we can hopefully inspire some people along the way. So the not so simple answer is by wearing our brand we hope you are making that time. Creating memories not things and sharing them with the people you love. Join us...