About Us

Back in 2013 a small group of wannabe surfers from Sydneys Northern Beaches trapped in the corporate world they hated came up with a plan. Using their collective corporate skills they set out to create a life for themselves free of company politics and money hungry corporations allowing them more time to do the things they love. Tekkers Eyewear was the incept of this movement when founder Dan Talbot put pen to paper with some designs and a balance between price and quality the crew believed could genuinely make an impact in an already congested market.


For 18 months over beers and beaches, in time they didn't have, around already hectic lives they pulled together a range of sunnies, a website and social platforms to share the journey. Tekkers was born. 

Tekkers now represent the time in peoples lives they are doing the things they love... the things that make them tick. Join them.... create, share and treasure these moments because this is what life is all about. This, is Tekker time. 

Tekkers are inspired by the surf culture of Sydney's beautiful northern beaches. There is no better place on the planet

Take a 1 minute 24 seconds from your hectic day to see how we came to life